Despite the fact that a relative newcomer 21Nova Casino is creating a good reputation, they have a wonderful gameplay selection, excellent 24 / 7 customer service, offer several different languages, along with an superb loyalty product (Club21) and also provide some awesome reward schemes. 21nova also offer around thirty highly regarded deposit and withdrawal systems.

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Client care is usually a priority at 21Nova Casino. They feature an United Kingdom charge free number 0808-1203-500, an international telephone number +632-756-7891 together with a toll free fax number 0800-520-0684. With 19 different languages catered for, it certainly is gonna be easy getting the help that you need in your language which you talk.

One thing we enjoy most regarding 21Nova Casino is that you may go look at its games just before you obtain its software. Usually while investigating for the casino advise, we find a growing number of of the major online casinos don’t allow you observe too much of what your are really entering into until after you decide to begin downloading. 21Nova is clear about this.

You can find other marketing promotions at 21nova Casino that bring newbies to join and seasoned gamblers to learn much longer. Just after obtaining the 320% bonus offer – more than 3 times the original deposit sum of money – gamblers can go on and enjoy any of the dozens of casino video games. This will undoubtedly become enjoyable, and possibly even worthwhile, and therefore gamblers may wish to do the obvious – share the word. Recommending the net casino to a new acquaintance pays gamblers $50. Being a respected, professional and helpful internet casino, 21nova Casino encourages its gamblers to always be polite too.

To make certain that their gamers can constantly access the 21Nova Casino, the casino site offers 2 different ways to relax and play. Like virtually all internet casinos, 21Nova Casino includes a software package that one could download and employ to gain access to their casino site. Nonetheless, this software program only functions on pc systems which has a Windows operating platform.

Luckily, if you are using a pc that has a different operating-system (or one which you are not able to download software on to), you’ll be able to take advantage of the Flash version of the 21Nova Casino. The Flash version of this casino permits you to play straight from in your internet browser, with no need to download or install a single software application.

Quite a few withdrawal and payment options are on offer at 21Nova Casino. Winnings are generally released within one day and cash deposits are credited to your gamer accounts practically right away. Unlike other online casinos, at 21nova you can utilize local transaction options for withdrawal and deposits in your own area.


here are a few Hotels in Florence, in the heart of Italy, like Morandi alla Crocetta, with a very interesting history.

This Hotel is situated in Via Laura, where two historical figures of the Renaissance have left their mark: Lorenzo de’Medici and Sister Domenica of Paradise. Originally it was a country road crossing into some vegetable gardens, thus aptly called Via Verzura later modified into Via Ventura. When Lorenzo de’Medici decided to build a house for courtesans, the name was changed to Via Laurenziana, then abbreviated to Via Laura.

Sister Domenica was the daughter of a farmer from Pian di Ripoli, south of florence vacation , who worked some lands belonging to the convent of St. Brigida al Paradiso. Having entered this same convent and taking the name of Sister Domenica del Paradiso, she developed a reputation for sanctity. This didn’t stop her from giving her nuns a useful and practical occupation. She introduced the art of weaving gold and silver cloths with great economic success.

Even though she was a Domenican, she did not agree with Fra’ Girolamo Savonarola whom she never quoted in her writings. This is why she earned the friendship of Savonarola’s great antagonists, the Medici, who allowed her to buy a large piece of land to one side of Via Laura (where the present building stands) for a mere 190 Florins. In 1511 she began building a new convent, spending some 20.000 gold Florins. It wasn’t by chance that it was made easy for a Domenican convent, loyal to the Medici, to be built only one block away from Savonarola’s church, S.Marco.

Later on, Pope Clement VII, Lorenzo’s nephew (his father, Giuliano de’Medici, was killed in the famous Pazzi conspiracy) was very generous to Sister Domenica of Paradise. She kept her old name in honour of her former convent though the new one was called the convent of the Crocetta after the small red cross that the nuns wore sewn on their habit. Even the street was called Via della Crocetta for a long period of time.

Along this same street, in 1502 canon Marco Strozzi founded another convent for six devout ladies: S. Maria degli Angeli, afterwards called S. Maria degli Angiolini, near the Palazzo of the Crocetta that later became the Archeological Museum.

On the side of the street, where the Hotel Morandi alla Crocetta now stands, the convent of the Crocetta had its gardens and cloisters. On this site, Sister Domenica of Paradise had a vision of Jesus commemorated by a XVI century tabernacle built to the rear, on Via Giusti. In the hotel Morandi alla Crocetta, one can admire XVII century frescoes depicting scenes of the life of the blessed Domenica of Paradise.


Some of the types available in bow ties are zip ties, pre tied ties, clip on ties and ready tied ties. Clip on tie is a kind of tie which does not go around the collar of the neck but clips will be available to hold the collar points. The type of tie which can be worn for any kind of formal occasions but for only black or white dress code with faux pas are known as ready tie. The self tied tie are the one which looks like a two parallel sided in shape and mostly it is called as butterfly tie due to its look.
Depending upon the preference of the person decides the choice of buying any one of the tie model. The ties surely have pointed tips which are the attractive feature of the tie. And the tips will be available at both the ends. Even bow ties with single ended type is available which gives only one thistle shape at one of the corner. Buying these ties in a mall or through online is advisable as good fabric material will be used instead of cheap material but the cost will be quiet high. Silk ties are found in large numbers in big shopping malls which will have fixed length with thistle and also have adjustable wing ends. So buying these ties in malls are preferable than any other place. The bow tie designers are designing these tie with care and uniqueness in order to attract the people.